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Actions and Achievements Reports

The East Gippsland CMA is proud to the next instalment of the state-wide CMA Actions and Achievements Report (10MB).

The report highlights the practical actions delivered with Victorian Government funding in partnership between catchment management authorities, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Parks Victoria, water authorities, regional communities, local government, businesses and landholders.

The report provides case studies from each region to demonstrate the variety of projects underway across Victoria.  These projects are improving the environmental condition of Victoria’s waterways, land and biodiversity.

The report forms part of the monitoring of programs by each CMA board and will be submitted to Government and community each year.

We hope that readers enjoy this publication and can see the value created by partners and community working together to maintain healthy and productive catchments. We encourage people to read the information and would appreciate your feed-back on how the report can be improved in the future.  This can be provided by contacting us.

Each year the CMAs will combine to produce this report and publish the information on this page.

Dr Peter Veenker
East Gippsland CMA

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