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Preparing photos

How to prepare your photos to send them in to the EGCMA photo galleries

We'll assume that you're comfortable with:

  • downloading photos from your digital camera OR scanning photos from your film camera
  • modifying your photos with an image-editing program

For more on this you may like to refer to your camera/scanner instructions or an experienced friend.

Taking great photos

While there's no recipe for taking amazing photos, you may like to review some tips from professional photographers.

Software tools to modify your photo

Most digital cameras or scanners come with a program that can rotate, crop and resize photos. Instructions are usually also provided.

If you don't have such a program, we suggest Gimp. It may be downloaded at no charge and can be freely shared with your friends. You may like to read the quick tutorial.

Preparing you photo

  1. download photos from your camera or scan with your scanner and choose your favourite
  2. rotate the photo so that the orientation is correct
  3. resize to approximately 1024 x 768 pixels (or 768 x 1024 for portrait orientation)
  4. save the modified photo as a new file in JPEG format with quality of 90 or compression of 10 (depending on your program)


JPEG is an efficient format for storing photographic images and is the default for most digital cameras.

Why less than 500 KB?

The limit of 500 KB is to save you time to send in the photos.

For technical reasons, sending files (uploading) over the Internet generally takes much longer than receiving (downloading). This is true for both dial-up and broadband/ADSL services.

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