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Role of the East Gippsland CMA (PDF 3.1MB)
This brochure explains the role of the CMA in the East Gippsland region.

Willows - Weed of National Significance (PDF 1.4 MB)
This brochure outlines the problems caused by willows and the benefits to river health of controlling this pest plant.

Riparian Management Licences (PDF 0.3MB)
A riparian management licence for a Crown water frontage recognises that all or part of the frontage is being managed by a licensee to protect and improve the riparian environment (e.g. fenced out and supporting native vegetation). This fact sheet provides further information about riparian management licences.

Riparian Land and Bushfire (PDF 353 KB)
This DEPI/CFA brochure outlines why fencing and revegetating waterways does not normally pose a greater fire risk than other parts of the landscape.