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Fish habitat

The East Gippsland CMA has been implementing an on-going program of in-stream habitat improvement that, together with stock proof fencing and the restoration of riparian vegetarian is designed to improve the stability and health of the rivers in the region.

Improving fish habitat - particularly in the lower reaches of the Snowy, Tambo, Nicholson and Mitchell rivers – has been an important part of the rehabilitation program. Lately, this has been done by placing logs, attached to piles driven into the river bed along the banks of the rivers. Usually, two or three logs are attached to each pile.

The submerged logs host plants and small animals that provide food for juvenile and adult fish. The logs also provide shelter for fish as they move up and down the river.

These river improvements works have been funded using revenue from the Recreational Fishing Grants Program and money allocated through natural resource funding sources.

The following images show the way in which fish habitat is now being reintroduced into our rivers (Mitchell River in March 2013).

Logs stockpiled on the river bank.

Logs loaded on barge.

Driving a pile into the river bed close to the bank.

Attaching a log to a pile.

The behaviour of fish around large wood structures can be seen by viewing underwater footage taken in Lake King in 2006 and 2007.


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