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Landcare Resources

‚ÄčAt times you may need Landcare information quickly. Below are some commonly used forms and information pertinent to Landcarers in the East Gippsland region. Click on the links to download the documents as required. If you require any further information or clarification, always feel free to call Carolyn Cameron, the East Gippsland Community Projects Officer on 03 5150 3582

Landcare Support Action Plan (2015-2019)

The East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority's (EGCMA) 2015 -2019 EGCMA Regional Landcare Support Plan (3MB, PDF) aims to assist productive partnerships between the Landcare community (members of networks and groups) of East Gippsland and the EGCMA.

The Regional Landcare Support Action Plan has been developed through:

  1. Consultation with the staff and executive from each of the three Landcare Networks to define their future needs and aspirations; and

  2. Identifying the resources and priorities of the EGCMA and key stakeholders.

VLG Start Up Grant Application

New Landcare groups are entitled to apply for Start Up funding provided through the Victorian Landcare Program. This funding is to support a new group with start up costs such as insurance and annual incorporation fees.

Please complete the Victorian Landcare Grant Start Up Application form by filling the yellow boxes, and then forward on to Amanda Bartkowski via mail or email (details provided in the form).

VLG Branding Guidelines and Logos

Whenever a project funded through VLG, you need to acknowledge the State Government as the source of these project funds, and any signage or publication associated with the project need follow the Victorian Government Branding Guidelines and include the relevant Landcare logo

Application for Victorian Landcare Grant Project Variation

Difficulties or challenges can arise during a project, and it may be appropriate to apply for a variation on outputs and/or budget. If this is the case, please feel free to contact Carolyn Cameron to discuss (details below). It is often helpful to discuss these concerns early on, while issues are still manageable and more options may be available. If a variation is still appropriate, please complete a Variation Application Form  for VLG projects by filling in the yellow boxes and then return to Carolyn.

East Gippsland Landcare Contact

Carolyn Cameron
Community Projects Officer
Ph: 03 5150 3582
Fax: 03 5150 3555