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The Lake Tyers estuary opened naturally on Thursday morning (7 July 2016), and therefore is likely to experience an extended period of connection to the sea.

The East Gippsland CMA will continue to monitor water levels and stream flows into the estuary and provide further advice if the entrance closes again.

Ken Judd (Manager of Water Programs) thanked those in the community who have assisted with data gathering in recent weeks. “This information is critical in helping us to monitor conditions”, he said.

The local Lake Tyers business Salt Boxing Studio captured impressive video of the forces involved in estuary openings. This is why we advise the public to view flowing water from a safe distance.

7 July 2016 - 10 AM : DURING OPENING
8 July 2016 - 8 AM : FOLLOWING DAY

 The videos were very popular on Social Media with over 40,000 views. Thanks Salt Boxing Studio.

 Further information about estuary entrance management at Lake Tyers can be found on this page.