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Community Grants 2016-2017


Victorian Landcare Grants VLG

The Victorian Landcare Grants for 2016-2017 have been announced. Recipients have received funding for the following projects.

Bairnsdale Field and Game Protection of Jones Bay State Game Reserve

This project sees revegetation and protection of the waterway and its adjacent land through planting of natives, stock exclusion fencing, control and management of noxious weeds and improved community accessibility to the reserve area through the maintenance of walking and bike paths. 

Bruthen and District Landcare Group Bruthen Rail Trail Rehabilitation and Enhancement

The rail trail is an important community asset and creates a link between new residential developments and the township of Bruthen.  This project continues previous work along the rail trail and links previously rehabilitated sections.  The group will undertake the removal of existing weed infestations and plant a variety of indigenous shrubs, grasses and trees.

Dargo Landcare Group Three Creeks Care

This project concentrates on three creeks around Dargo.  Riley’s, Orr’s and Grady’s Creek will all benefit from weed control and revegetation. 

Eagle Point Landcare Group Eagle Point Reserve Improvements Program

This project primarily aims to protect and enhance the environmental, recreational and educational value of the Eagle Point Reserve and lower Mitchell River through identifying, mapping and subsequently managing weeds which currently threaten the reserves conservation values. 

East Gippsland Landcare Network Land Management Best Practices 16/17

This project will deliver revegetation and regeneration within the East Gippsland Landcare Networks area of care. It will also enable primary producers to undertake and adopt effective on ground works that increase sustainable farming landscapes through activities that aim to match land type, rainfall and feed availability to stocking rates. 

East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network Martins Creek Rainforest Recovery 3.0

The East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network will Use a collaborative, local community and multi-agency based approach to continue to ensure the best possible recovery of the Martins Creek National Rainforest Site of Significance following severe impact from wildfire and invasion of noxious weeds.

Eastwood Landcare Group Eastwood Landcare 2016/2017 Revegetation Project

The aim of this project is to continue the program of planting locally grown indigenous species (many rare) in the warm temperate rainforest that is establishing along Tulaba’s Track (known by the group as Granite Creek) and the ongoing maintenance and restoration of Goose Gully native vegetation, a high value wetland area that is a tributary of Clifton Creek and the Mitchell River.  The project aims to promote Landcare and the group’s achievements through the installation of signage and provide for public amenity through the installation of a park bench seat.

Far East Victoria Landcare Improving Soil Health and Biodiversity in Far East Gippsland 

Far East Victoria Landcare is aiming to increase ground cover and to improve soil health and biodiversity across the landscape.  The protection of existing vegetation (including paddock trees) and the planting of shelterbelts provide a multitude of productivity and biodiversity benefits for farming industries and the wider community. Grazing management and land class fencing enable more efficient pasture use which can lead to increased ground cover.

Nagle College Landcare Nagle College Rainforest Project

The Nagle College Rainforest Project is re-instating nationally threatened vegetation classes of Warm Temperate Rainforest and Gallery Rainforest on a riparian site at the school. This project provides an exceptional educational opportunity for the college community of students, staff and parents to demonstrate stewardship of their local natural environment. On ground works include revegetation and weed control. 

Nungurner Rainforest Project Nungurner Rainforest Recovery

This project aims to restore the natural condition of historic Hansen’s Bay at Nungurner where a small pocket of remnant littoral rainforest is in imminent danger of extinction through the infestation of pest plants. Adjacent to the shoreline of the Gippsland Lakes, the site is being over-run by invasive species including English ivy, mirror bush, and arum lilies. The project will involve the removal of pest plants followed by planting of key canopy species to promote regeneration of the remnant rainforest species.

Romawi Landcare Group Stabilization of a Head Cut on Forge Creek and Water Quality testing at Forge Creek.

The Romawi Landcare group will be working on rocking and planting instream vegetation to protect the ponds, prevent a head cut progressing upstream and to stabilize sediment from impacting on ponds downstream.  They will also be coordinating a series of soil and water quality tests along Forge Creek. 

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These projects are funded by the Victorian Government's 'Victorian Landcare Grants'.


National Landcare Programme (NLP) 2016-2018

The 2016-2018 National Landcare Programme (NLP) Community Grants recipients have been announced by Member for Gippsland, Darren Chester.

East Gippsland Landcare Network

East Gippsland Landcare Network will receive funding to work with its groups on revegetation in the Gippsland Plains, Dargo, Tambo and Buchan valleys and improving farming sustainability. The project will focus on encouraging individuals and groups to enter into long-term voluntary agreements to manage their local landscapes. Strategies include creating 15-metre wide vegetation corridors to link with existing vegetation. Stock exclusion fencing and changes in grazing practices are also planned with the aim of increasing groundcover.

East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network

East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network will be supported in the second phase of their restoration work at Lake Tyers Beach.

Far East Victoria Landcare

Far East Victoria Landcare will receive funding for an innovative project; Plants for Pollen. It will involve community members in and around towns and farming communities planting more native species of pollen and nectar-producing plants, to support bee populations and pollination activity for horticulture and agriculture.

Snowy West Landcare Group

The Snowy West Landcare Group is introducing a fauna monitoring program including nest boxes along the East Gippsland Rail Trail. The group already has strong ties with the local school and good community involvement, but is hoping this project will encourage awareness and participation in the wider community.

Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee

The Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee will be funded to establish a program of keynote speaker events in 2017, aimed at promoting best practice and innovation in remote rural communities. They intend to cover subjects such as wildlife management, biosecurity, conservation, sustainability and small-scale holdings.

Media Release

Nagle College Year 9 Eco Warriors Symantha Churches (left) and Lara Benton (right) show EGCMA Community Projects Officer Carolyn Cameron and Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester some of the rare species used to restore their rainforest site, under the project’s 2015-2016 NLP funding.


 These projects are funded by the Australian Government's 'National Landcare Programme'.


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