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Our Vision

“We are the leaders in integrated catchment management, partnering with our communities to enhance East Gippsland’s iconic landscapes, biodiversity and cultural heritage.”

The Authority’s Strategic objectives directly reflect those of the State Government Integrated Catchment Management Goals (ICM goals) articulated through the policy statement “Our Catchments Our Communities, Integrated Catchment Management in Victoria 2016-19” (OCOC). The 5 goals of the policy are:

  1. Effective community engagement in catchment management
  2. Better connections between state, regional and local planning
  3. Strengthened implementation of regional catchment strategies
  4. Clearer roles, strengthened accountability and coordination
  5. Improved monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

The vision and strategic objectives align with the long-term goals of our Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) and supporting plans.

There are a number of other state-wide policies and frameworks that determine our planning approach. The Authority has ensured that it's strategic direction aligns with the state-wide strategies such as:

  1. Water for Victoria
  2. Biodiversity Plan 2037
  3. Regional Riparian Action Plan
  4. Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy
  5. Victorian Waterway Management Strategy
  6. Gippsland Sustainable Water Strategy
  7. Climate Change Act 2017