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These resources can be freely downloaded for public use. All are in Acrobat PDF format unless noted.

Reading Material

Education Resource Package

Planting Guides


Reading Material

Regional Catchment Strategy - Improving Natural Resource Outcomes in East Gippsland (PDF 10.3MB)
This booklet is about the management and, where possible the improvement of the region's natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

Improving East Gippsland Rivers (PDF 10MB)
This booklet has been designed to show off our East Gippsland Rivers and provide some history around works completed on each one.

Willows - Weed of National Significance (PDF 1.4 MB)
This brochure outlines the problems caused by willows and the benefits to river health of controlling this pest plant.

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Education Resources Package 

This page contains resources prepared by East Gippsland Waterwatch for environmental science and sustainability programs in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools.

Linking Our Catchments And Estuaries To The Coast

For teaching within a local context and for students studying environmental issues at senior secondary level.


Inside Cover



Biodiversity - Study Field Trip

Coasts Rivers Lakes

Coasts - Student Activity

Heritage Communities

Heritage - Student Activity


Landscapes - Student Activity


Sustainability - Student Activity

Lets Teach it ! H2O - A Unit Guide Framework

For Primary and Secondary students.

East Gippsland Waterwatch Lets Teach it H2O

East Gippsland Waterwatch Primary School Field Manual (word document in docx format)

Kinder Catchment Crusader

This curriculum resource contains information on delivering water conservation education and contains a selection of activities aimed at kindergarten students.

East Gippsland Waterwatch Kinder Catchment Crusader Program

Whizzy Book Cover

Whizzy's Incredible Journeys - Pick-a-Path book

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Planting Guides

These Planting Guides provide assistance for landholders with revegetating the riparian zone of the waterway on their property. They list species that are appropriate to plant at the top of the bank, on the slope of the bank and at the toe of the bank (water edge).

The Guides are written for specific rivers and, in some cases for specific sections of those rivers in the East Gippsland region.

The Guides also contain information on site preparation, planting methods and weed control.

Far East Basin

Planting Guide Bemm River Combienbar to Club Terrace (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Wallgaraugh River (400 KB)

Snowy River Basin

Planting Guide Murrindal and Buchan Rivers (1.1 MB)

Planting Guide Snowy River Jarrahmond to Orbost (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Snowy River Orbost to Marlo (1.3 MB)

Tambo/Nicholson Basin

Planting Guide Nicholson River Great Alpine Road to Howletts Road (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Nicholson River Howletts Road to Jones Bay (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Nicholson River Upstream Great Alpine Road Bridge (1.1 MB)

Planting Guide Tambo River Bindi to Swifts Creek (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Tambo River Swifts Creek to Bruthen (1.3 MB)

Mitchell Basin

Planting Guide Clifton Creek (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Mitchell River Angusvale to Glenaladale Bridge (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Mitchell River Barrier to Silt Jetties (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Mitchell River Glenaladale Bridge to Barrier (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Wonnangatta and Dargo Rivers (1.3 MB)

Planting Guide Wonnangatta River Wonnangatta Station to Angusvale (1.3 MB)

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