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This page contains resources prepared by East Gippsland Waterwatch for environmental science and sustainability programs in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools.

These resources can be freely downloaded and printed for use in schools. All are in Acrobat PDF format unless noted.

Gippsland Environmental Education Resource Package

Linking our Catchments and Estuaries to the Coast
For teaching within a local context and for students studying environmental issues at senior secondary level.

340879 Introduction

340879 Inside Cover

340879 Atmosphere

340879 Biodiversity

340879 Biodiversity - Study Field Trip

340879 Coasts Rivers Lakes

340879 Coasts - Student Activity

340879 Heritage Communities

340879 Heritage - Student Activity

340879 Landscapes

340879 Landscapes - Student Activity

340879 Sustainable

340879 Sustainable - Student Activity


Lets Teach it ! H2O - A Unit Guide Framework

For Primary and Secondary students.

East Gippsland Waterwatch Lets Teach it H2O

East Gippsland Waterwatch Primary School Field Manual (word document in docx format)


Kinder Catchment crusader

This curriculum resource contains information on delivering water conservation education and contains a selection of activities aimed at kindergarten students.

East Gippsland Waterwatch Kinder Catchment Crusader Program

Whizzy Book Cover

Whizzy's Incredible Journeys - Pick-a-Path book